21.25. Full list of builtin state modulesΒΆ

alias Configuration of email aliases ============================== The mail aliases file can be managed to contain definitions for specific email aliases: ..
alternatives Configuration of the alternatives system ======================================== Control the alternatives system ..
apache Apache state Allows for inputting a yaml dictionary into a file for apache configuration files.
apt Package management operations specific to APT- and DEB-based systems
archive Archive states.
at Configuration disposable regularly scheduled tasks for at.
augeas Configuration management using Augeas ===================================== ..
aws_sqs Manage SQS Queues ================= Create and destroy SQS queues.
blockdev Management of Block Devices =================================== A state module to manage blockdevices ..
cloud Using states instead of maps to deploy clouds ============================================= ..
cmd Execution of arbitrary commands =============================== The cmd state module manages the enforcement of executed commands, this state can tell a command to run under certain circumstances.
composer Installation of Composer Packages ================================= These states manage the installed packages for composer for PHP.
cron Management of cron, the Unix command scheduler ============================================== Cron declarations require a number of parameters.
ddns Dynamic DNS updates =================== Ensure a DNS record is present or absent utilizing RFC 2136 type dynamic updates.
debconfmod Management of debconf selections ================================ The debconfmod state module manages the enforcement of debconf selections, this state can set those selections prior to package installation.
disk Disk monitoring state
dockerio Manage Docker containers ======================== Docker is a lightweight, portable, self-sufficient software container wrapper.
environ Support for getting and setting the environment variables of the current salt process.
eselect Management of Gentoo configuration using eselect ================================================ A state module to manage Gentoo configuration via eselect ..
file Operations on regular files, special files, directories, and symlinks ===================================================================== Salt States can aggressively manipulate files on a system.
gem Installation of Ruby modules packaged as gems ============================================= A state module to manage rubygems.
git Interaction with Git repositories ================================= Important: Before using git over ssh, make sure your remote host fingerprint exists in "~/.ssh/known_hosts" file.
glusterfs Manage glusterfs pool.
gnomedesktop Configuration of the GNOME desktop ======================================== Control the GNOME settings ..
grains Manage grains on the minion =========================== This state allows for grains to be set.
group Management of user groups ========================= The group module is used to create and manage unix group settings, groups can be either present or absent: ..
hg Interaction with Mercurial repositories ======================================= Before using hg over ssh, make sure the remote host fingerprint already exists in ~/.ssh/known_hosts, and the remote host has this host's public key.
host Management of addresses and names in hosts file =============================================== The /etc/hosts file can be managed to contain definitions for specific hosts: ..
htpasswd Support for htpasswd module ..
incron Management of incron, the inotify cron ============================================== The incron state module allows for user incrontabs to be cleanly managed.
influxdb_database Management of InfluxDB databases ================================ (compatible with InfluxDB version 0.5+) ..
influxdb_user Management of InfluxDB users ============================ (compatible with InfluxDB version 0.5+) ..
ipset Management of ipsets ====================== This is an ipset-specific module designed to manage IPSets for use in IPTables Firewalls.
iptables Management of iptables ====================== This is an iptables-specific module designed to manage Linux firewalls.
keyboard Management of keyboard layouts ============================== The keyboard layout can be managed for the system: ..
keystone Management of Keystone users ============================ :depends: - keystoneclient Python module :configuration: See salt.modules.keystone for setup instructions.
kmod Loading and unloading of kernel modules ======================================= The Kernel modules on a system can be managed cleanly with the kmod state module: ..
layman Management of Gentoo Overlays using layman ========================================== A state module to manage Gentoo package overlays via layman ..
libvirt Manage libvirt certificates =========================== This state uses the external pillar in the master to call for the generation and signing of certificates for systems running libvirt: ..
locale Management of languages/locales ==============================+ The locale can be managed for the system: ..
lvm Management of Linux logical volumes =================================== A state module to manage LVMs ..
lvs_server Management of LVS(Linux Virtual Server) Real Server.
lvs_service Management of LVS(Linux Virtual Server) Service.
lxc lxc / Spin up and control LXC containers
makeconf Management of Gentoo make.conf ============================== A state module to manage Gentoo's make.conf file ..
mdadm Managing software RAID with mdadm ================================== A state module for creating or destroying software RAID devices.
memcached States for Management of Memcached Keys ======================================= ..
modjk State to control Apache modjk
modjk_worker Manage modjk workers ==================== Send commands to a modjk load balancer via the peer system.
module Execution of Salt modules from within states ============================================ These states allow individual execution module calls to be made via states.
mongodb_database Management of Mongodb databases
mongodb_user Management of Mongodb users
mount Mounting of filesystems ======================= Mount any type of mountable filesystem with the mounted function: ..
mysql_database Management of MySQL databases (schemas) ======================================= :depends: - MySQLdb Python module :configuration: See salt.modules.mysql for setup instructions.
mysql_grants Management of MySQL grants (user permissions) ============================================= :depends: - MySQLdb Python module :configuration: See salt.modules.mysql for setup instructions.
mysql_query Execution of MySQL queries ========================== :depends: - MySQLdb Python module :configuration: See salt.modules.mysql for setup instructions.
mysql_user Management of MySQL users ========================= :depends: - MySQLdb Python module :configuration: See salt.modules.mysql for setup instructions.
network Configuration of network interfaces =================================== The network module is used to create and manage network settings, interfaces can be set as either managed or ignored.
nftables Management of nftables ====================== This is an nftables-specific module designed to manage Linux firewalls.
npm Installation of NPM Packages ============================ These states manage the installed packages for node.js using the Node Package Manager (npm).
ntp Management of NTP servers ========================= ..
openstack_config Manage OpenStack configuration file settings.
pagerduty Create an Event in PagerDuty ============================ ..
pecl Installation of PHP Extensions Using pecl ========================================= These states manage the installed pecl extensions.
pip_state Installation of Python Packages Using pip ========================================= These states manage system installed python packages.
pkg Installation of packages using OS package managers such as yum or apt-get ========================================================================= Salt can manage software packages via the pkg state module, packages can be set up to be installed, latest, removed and purged.
pkgng Manage package remote repo using FreeBSD pkgng ============================================== Salt can manage the URL pkgng pulls packages from.
pkgrepo Management of APT/YUM package repos =================================== Package repositories for APT-based and YUM-based distros can be managed with these states.
portage_config Management of Portage package configuration on Gentoo ===================================================== A state module to manage Portage configuration on Gentoo ..
ports Manage software from FreeBSD ports ..
postgres_database Management of PostgreSQL databases ================================== The postgres_database module is used to create and manage Postgres databases.
postgres_extension Management of PostgreSQL extensions (eg: postgis) ================================================= The postgres_users module is used to create and manage Postgres extensions.
postgres_group Management of PostgreSQL groups (roles) ======================================= The postgres_group module is used to create and manage Postgres groups.
postgres_user Management of PostgreSQL users (roles) ====================================== The postgres_users module is used to create and manage Postgres users.
powerpath Powerpath configuration support =============================== Allows configuration of EMC Powerpath.
process Process Management ================== Ensure a process matching a given pattern is absent.
quota Management of POSIX Quotas ========================== The quota can be managed for the system: ..
rabbitmq_cluster Manage RabbitMQ Clusters ======================== Example: ..
rabbitmq_plugin Manage RabbitMQ Plugins ======================= ..
rabbitmq_policy Manage RabbitMQ Policies ======================== :maintainer: Benn Eichhorn <benn@getlocalmeasure.com> :maturity: new :platform: all Example: ..
rabbitmq_user Manage RabbitMQ Users ===================== Example: ..
rabbitmq_vhost Manage RabbitMQ Virtual Hosts ============================= Example: ..
rbenv Managing Ruby installations with rbenv ====================================== This module is used to install and manage ruby installations with rbenv.
rdp Manage RDP Service on Windows servers
reg Manage the registry on Windows
rvm Managing Ruby installations and gemsets with Ruby Version Manager (RVM) ======================================================================= This module is used to install and manage ruby installations and gemsets with RVM, the Ruby Version Manager.
saltmod Control the Salt command interface ================================== The Salt state is used to control the salt command interface.
selinux Management of SELinux rules =========================== If SELinux is available for the running system, the mode can be managed and booleans can be set.
service Starting or restarting of services and daemons ============================================== Services are defined as system daemons typically started with system init or rc scripts, services can be defined as running or dead.
smtp Sending Messages via SMTP ========================== ..
ssh_auth Control of entries in SSH authorized_key files ============================================== The information stored in a user's SSH authorized key file can be easily controlled via the ssh_auth state.
ssh_known_hosts Control of SSH known_hosts entries ================================== Manage the information stored in the known_hosts files.
stateconf Stateconf System ================ The stateconf system is intended for use only with the stateconf renderer.
status Minion status monitoring Maps to the status execution module.
supervisord Interaction with the Supervisor daemon ====================================== ..
svn Manage SVN repositories ======================= Manage repository checkouts via the svn vcs system: ..
sysctl Configuration of the Linux kernel using sysctrl =============================================== Control the kernel sysctl system.
test Test States ================== Provide test case states that enable easy testing of things to do with state calls, e.g.
timezone Management of timezones ======================= The timezone can be managed for the system: ..
tomcat This state uses the manager webapp to manage Apache tomcat webapps This state requires the manager webapp to be enabled The following grains/pillar should be set:: tomcat-manager.user: admin user name tomcat-manager.passwd: password and also configure a user in the conf/tomcat-users.xml file:: <?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?> <tomcat-users> <role rolename="manager-script"/> <user username="tomcat" password="tomcat" roles="manager-script"/> </tomcat-users> Notes: - Not supported multiple version on the same context path - More information about tomcat manager: http://tomcat.apache.org/tomcat-7.0-doc/manager-howto.html - if you use only this module for deployments you might want to restrict access to the manager so its only accessible via localhost for more info: http://tomcat.apache.org/tomcat-7.0-doc/manager-howto.html#Configuring_Manager_Application_Access - Tested on: JVM Vendor: Sun Microsystems Inc.
user Management of user accounts =========================== The user module is used to create and manage user settings, users can be set as either absent or present ..
virtualenv_mod Setup of Python virtualenv sandboxes
win_dns_client Module for configuring DNS Client on Windows systems
win_firewall State for configuring Windows Firewall
win_network Configuration of network interfaces on Windows hosts ==================================================== ..
win_path Manage the Windows System PATH
win_servermanager Manage Windows features via the ServerManager powershell module
win_system Management of Windows system information ======================================== ..
xmpp Sending Messages over XMPP ========================== ..
zcbuildout Management of zc.buildout =========================== This module is inspired from minitage's buildout maker (https://github.com/minitage/minitage/blob/master/src/minitage/core/makers/buildout.py) ..

These docs are for Salt's development version: 91935da.

Docs for previous releases are available on salt.rtfd.org.

Latest Salt release: 2014.1.1

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