Manage Perl modules using CPAN

New in version 2015.5.0.


Return a dict of CPAN configuration values

CLI Example:

salt '*' cpan.config
salt.modules.cpan.install(module, bin_env=None, force=None, mirror=None, notest=None)

Install a Perl module from CPAN

CLI Example:

salt '*' cpan.install Template::Alloy

List installed Perl modules, and the version installed

CLI Example:

salt '*' cpan.list
salt.modules.cpan.remove(module, details=False)

Attempt to remove a Perl module that was installed from CPAN. Because the cpan command doesn't actually support 'uninstall'-like functionality, this function will attempt to do what it can, with what it has from CPAN.

Until this function is declared stable, USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!

CLI Example:

salt '*' cpan.remove Old::Package, bin_env=None)

Show information about a specific Perl module

CLI Example:

salt '*' Template::Alloy

Returns the version of cpan. sed bin_env to specify the path to a specific virtualenv and get the cpan version in that virtualenv.

If unable to detect the cpan version, returns None.

CLI Example:

salt '*' cpan.version