Module for returning various status data about a minion. These data can be useful for compiling into stats later, or for problem solving if your minion is having problems.

New in version 0.12.0.

  • wmi

New in version 2015.8.0.

Return the processor load as a percentage

CLI Example:

salt '*' status.cpuload

Return information about the CPU.

dict: A dictionary containing information about the CPU stats

CLI Example:

salt * status.cpustats
salt.modules.win_status.diskusage(human_readable=False, path=None)

New in version 2015.8.0.

Return the disk usage for this minion

: False
If True, usage will be in KB/MB/GB etc.

CLI Example:

salt '*' status.diskusage path=c:/salt

Returns counter information related to the load of the machine

Returns:A dictionary of counters
Return type:dict

CLI Example:

salt * status.loadavg
salt.modules.win_status.master(master=None, connected=True)

New in version 2015.5.0.

Fire an event if the minion gets disconnected from its master. This function is meant to be run via a scheduled job from the minion. If master_ip is an FQDN/Hostname, is must be resolvable to a valid IPv4 address.

CLI Example:

salt '*' status.master

Return information about physical and virtual memory on the system

Returns:A dictionary of information about memory on the system
Return type:dict

CLI Example:

salt * status.meminfo

Return the process data

: False

If True, this function will simply return the number of processes.

New in version 2015.8.0.

CLI Example:

salt '*' status.procs
salt '*' status.procs count

New in version 2015.8.0.

Returns the amount of memory that salt is using

: False
return the value in a nicely formatted number

CLI Example:

salt '*' status.saltmem
salt '*' status.saltmem human_readable=True

New in version 2015.8.0.

Return the system uptime for the machine

Parameters:human_readable (bool) --

Return uptime in human readable format if True, otherwise return seconds. Default is False


Human readable format is days, hours:min:sec. Days will only be displayed if more than 0

Returns:The uptime in seconds or human readable format depending on the value of human_readable
Return type:str

CLI Example:

salt '*' status.uptime
salt '*' status.uptime human_readable=True

Return information about the virtual memory on the machine

Returns:A dictionary of virtual memory stats
Return type:dict

CLI Example:

salt * status.vmstats