salt.proxy.bluecoat_sslv module

Proxy Minion interface module for managing Blue Coat SSL Decryption devices

codeauthor:Spencer Ervin <>

This proxy minion enables Blue Coat SSL Visibility devices (hereafter referred to as simply 'bluecoat_sslv') to be treated individually like a Salt Minion. The bluecoat_sslv proxy leverages the JSON API functionality on the Blue Coat SSL Visibility devices. The Salt proxy must have access to the Blue Coat device on HTTPS (tcp/443). More in-depth conceptual reading on Proxy Minions can be found in the Proxy Minion section of Salt's documentation.


To use this integration proxy module, please configure the following:


Proxy minions get their configuration from Salt's Pillar. Every proxy must have a stanza in Pillar and a reference in the Pillar top-file that matches the ID.

  proxytype: bluecoat_sslv
  host: <ip or dns name of cimc host>
  username: <cimc username>
  password: <cimc password>
  auth: <authentication type>


The proxytype key and value pair is critical, as it tells Salt which interface to load from the proxy directory in Salt's install hierarchy, or from /srv/salt/_proxy on the Salt Master (if you have created your own proxy module, for example). To use this bluecoat_sslv Proxy Module, set this to bluecoat_sslv.


The location, or ip/dns, of the bluecoat_sslv host. Required.


The username used to login to the bluecoat_sslv host. Required.


The password used to login to the bluecoat_sslv host. Required.


The authentication type used to by the system. Use local to use the local user database. For TACACS+ set this value to tacacs., apply_changes=False)

Sends a post command to the device and returns the decoded data.


Get the grains from the proxied device


Refresh the grains from the proxied device


This function gets called when the proxy starts up.


Since grains are loaded in many different places and some of those places occur before the proxy can be initialized, return whether our init() function has been called


Logs into the bluecoat_sslv device and returns the session cookies.

salt.proxy.bluecoat_sslv.logout(session, cookies, csrf_token)

Closes the session with the device.

Returns true if the device is reachable, else false.


Shutdown the connection to the proxy device. For this proxy, shutdown is a no-op.