Salt Community Resources

Join the Salt!

There are many ways to participate in and communicate with the Salt community.

Salt has an active IRC channel and a mailing list.

Mailing List

Join the salt-users mailing list. It is the best place to ask questions about Salt and see whats going on with Salt development! The Salt mailing list is hosted by Google Groups. It is open to new members.


The #salt IRC channel is hosted on the popular Freenode network. You can use the Freenode webchat client right from your browser.

Logs of the IRC channel activity are being collected courtesy of Moritz Lenz.

If you wish to discuss the development of Salt itself join us in #salt-devel.

Follow on Github

The Salt code is developed via Github. Follow Salt for constant updates on what is happening in Salt development:


SaltStack Inc. keeps a blog with recent news and advancements:

Hack the Source

If you want to get involved with the development of source code or the documentation efforts, please review the contributing documentation!