engine modules

docker_events Send events from Docker events
hipchat An engine that reads messages from Hipchat and sends them to the Salt event bus.
http_logstash HTTP Logstash engine
ircbot IRC Bot engine
junos_syslog Junos Syslog Engine
logentries An engine that sends events to the Logentries logging service.
logstash_engine An engine that reads messages from the salt event bus and pushes them onto a logstash endpoint.
napalm_syslog NAPALM syslog engine
reactor Setup Reactor
redis_sentinel An engine that reads messages from the redis sentinel pubsub and sends reactor events based on the channels they are subscribed to.
slack An engine that reads messages from Slack and can act on them
sqs_events An engine that continuously reads messages from SQS and fires them as events.
stalekey An engine that uses presence detection to keep track of which minions have been recently connected and remove their keys if they have not been connected for a certain period of time.
test A simple test engine, not intended for real use but as an example
thorium Manage the Thorium complex event reaction system
webhook Send events from webhook api