Use remote Mercurial repository as a Pillar source.

New in version 2015.8.0.

The module depends on the hglib python module being available. This is the same requirement as for hgfs_ so should not pose any extra hurdles.

This external Pillar source can be configured in the master config file as such:

  - hg: ssh://
class salt.pillar.hg_pillar.Repo(repo_uri)

Deal with remote hg (mercurial) repository for Pillar


Cleanup mercurial command server


Ensure we are using the latest revision in the hg repository

salt.pillar.hg_pillar.ext_pillar(minion_id, pillar, repo, branch=u'default', root=None)

Extract pillar from an hg repository


Execute an hg pull on all the repos