Runner to provide F5 Load Balancer functionality

  • pycontrol Python module

In order to connect to a F5 Load Balancer, you must specify in the Salt master configuration the currently available load balancers

    username: admin
    password: secret
    username: admin
    password: secret
salt.runners.f5.add_pool_member(lb, name, port, pool_name)

Add a node to a pool

CLI Examples:

salt-run f5.add_pool_member load_balancer 80 my_pool
salt.runners.f5.check_member_pool(lb, member, pool_name)

Check a pool member exists in a specific pool

CLI Examples:

salt-run f5.check_member_pool load_balancer my_pool
salt.runners.f5.check_pool(lb, name)

Check to see if a pool exists

CLI Examples:

salt-run f5.check_pool load_balancer pool_name
salt.runners.f5.check_virtualserver(lb, name)

Check to see if a virtual server exists

CLI Examples:

salt-run f5.check_virtualserver load_balancer virtual_server
salt.runners.f5.create_pool(lb, name, method=u'ROUND_ROBIN')

Create a pool on the F5 load balancer

CLI Examples:

salt-run f5.create_pool load_balancer pool_name loadbalance_method
salt-run f5.create_pool load_balancer my_pool ROUND_ROBIN
salt.runners.f5.create_vs(lb, name, ip, port, protocol, profile, pool_name)

Create a virtual server

CLI Examples:

salt-run f5.create_vs lbalancer vs_name 80 tcp http poolname