Salt 2014.1.7 Release Notes


Version 2014.1.7 is another bugfix release for 2014.1.0. Changes include:

This release was a hotfix release for the regression listed above which was present in the 2014.1.6 release. The changes included in 2014.1.6 are listed below:

  • Fix extra iptables --help output (Sorry!) (issue 13648, issue 13507, issue 13527, issue 13607)
  • Fix for Solaris
  • Fix support for allow-hotplug statement in debian_ip network module
  • Add sqlite3 to esky builds
  • Fix output (issue 9526)
  • Fix the virtual grain for Xen (issue 13534)
  • Fix eauth for batch mode (issue 9605)
  • Fix force-related issues with tomcat support (issue 12889)
  • Fix KeyError when cloud mapping
  • Fix salt-minion restart loop in Windows (issue 12086)
  • Fix detection of service virtual module on Fedora minions
  • Fix traceback with missing ipv4 grain (issue 13838)
  • Fix issue in roots backend with invalid data in mtime_map (issue 13836)
  • Fix traceback in (issue 11151)
  • Fix master_tops and _ext_nodes issue (issue 13535, issue 13673)