In Progress: Salt 2018.3.1 Release Notes

Version 2018.3.1 is an unreleased bugfix release for 2018.3.0. This release is still in progress and has not been released yet.

Changes to Slack Engine pillars

When using groups_pillar_name for the slack engine, the engine should be used as part of a salt-minion process running on the master. This will allow the minion to have pillars assigned to it, and will still allow the engine to create a LocalClient connection to the master ipc sockets to control environments.

Changes to Automatically Updating the Roster File

In 2018.3.0 salt-ssh was configured to automatically update the flat roster file if a minion was not found for salt-ssh. This was decided to be undesireable as a default. The --skip-roster flag has been removed and replaced with --update-roster, which will enable salt-ssh to add minions to the flat roster file. This behavior can also be enabled by setting ssh_update_roster: True in the master config file.