In Progress: Salt 2018.3.3 Release Notes

Version 2018.3.3 is an unreleased bugfix release for 2018.3.0. This release is still in progress and has not been released yet.

Changes to win_timezone

Improves timezone detection by using the pytz module.

timezone.get_offset and timezone.get_zonecode now work properly.

Adds timezone.list to list supported timezones in either Windows or Unix format.

New Jinja Filter

The tojson filter (from Jinja 2.9 and later) has been ported to Salt, and will be used when this filter is not available. This allows older LTS releases such as CentOS 7 and Ubuntu 14.04 to use this filter.

You should use this filter any time you wish to dump a list or dictionary into an SLS file, to ensure that the result is able to be loaded by the YAML renderer. For example:

    - some_arg: {{ mydict|tojson }}

MacOSX escape characters with runas

You are now required to escape quotes when using the runas argument with the cmd module on macosx.

Example: 'echo '\''h=\"baz\"'\''' runas=macuser