In Progress: Salt 2017.7.8 Release Notes

Version 2017.7.8 is an unreleased bugfix release for 2017.7.0. This release is still in progress and has not been released yet.

New win_snmp behavior

  • win_snmp.get_community_names now returns the SNMP settings actually in effect on the box. If settings are managed via GroupPolicy, those settings will be returned. Otherwise, normal settings are returned.
  • win_snmp.set_community_names now raises an error when SNMP settings are being managed by GroupPolicy.

Option Added to Disable Docker Mine Updates

When a docker container is added, removed, started, stopped, etc., the results of a verbose=True all=True host=True are sent to the mine, to be used by mine.get_docker.

A new config option (docker.update_mine) has been added. When set to False, Salt will not send this information to the mine. This is useful in cases where sensitive information is stored in the container's environment.