In Progress: Salt 2018.3.2 Release Notes

Version 2018.3.2 is an unreleased bugfix release for 2018.3.0. This release is still in progress and has not been released yet.

The 2018.3.2 release contains only a small number of fixes, detailed below.

Mainly, this release fixes Issue #48038, which is a critical bug that occurs in a multi-syndic setup where the same job is run multiple times on a minion.


Changelog for v2018.3.1..v2018.3.2

Generated at: 2018-06-14 13:24:42 UTC

  • PR #48100: (rallytime) Back-port #48014 to 2018.3.2 @ 2018-06-14 12:54:52 UTC
    • PR #48014: (cro) Find job pause (refs: #48100)
    • 36b99ae80a Merge pull request #48100 from rallytime/bp-48014
    • 77feccc5c4 Lint: Add blank line
    • 159b052962 One more case where returner doesn't respond
    • 91b45b4cc4 Catch two cases when a returner is not able to be contacted--these would throw a stacktrace.
  • PR #48099: (rallytime) Back-port #47915 to 2018.3.2 @ 2018-06-14 12:54:23 UTC
    • PR #47915: (garethgreenaway) [2018.3] state runner pause resume kill (refs: #48099)
    • 40c1bfdec9 Merge pull request #48099 from rallytime/bp-47915
    • 3556850058 fixing typo in alias_function call.
    • 4b0ff496fa Some fixes to the set_pause and rm_pause function in the state runner, renaming to in line with the functions in the state module. Including aliases to previous names for back-ward compatibility. Including a soft_kill function to kill running orchestration states. A new test to test soft_kill functionality.
  • ISSUE #48038: (austinpapp) jobs are not dedup'ing minion side (refs: #48075)
  • PR #48097: (rallytime) Back-port #48075 to 2018.3.2 @ 2018-06-14 12:52:44 UTC
    • PR #48075: (garethgreenaway) [2017.7] Ensure that the shared list of jids is passed (refs: #48097)
    • 074a97dcfa Merge pull request #48097 from rallytime/bp-48075
    • e4c719b55f Ensure that the shared list of jids is passed when creating the Minion. Fixes an issue when minions are pointed at multiple syndics.